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Dream Bigger



A strong, supportive community can make the difference between big ideas and big actions. Your people are who gather around when things get messy, clink your glass when it’s time to celebrate, and put their heads together when it’s time to brainstorm. The Influencer’s Collective is like stepping into a room and immediately knowing it’s home—we’re your people.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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What is a Mastermind

What is The Influencers Collective? Put simply it's: Entrepreneurship. Collaboration. Community But it's also so much more. It's heart, it's hustle, it's thought, intention, grit, ideas, strategies, experience and motivation all put on the table for a group of the coolest, most creative individuals, who won't settle for complacency.

Maybe you have seen success in your business but you’ve started to outgrow yourself- or worse- you’ve boxed yourself in and can’t seem to get to the level that you know you’re capable of. Take a deep breath and pour yourself a glass of wine. You’ve come to the right place.

A little bit about us!

We help women entrepreneurs come together to increase productivity + profit + accountability + Dream Bigger through a luxury mastermind!

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